Switching Circuits and Logic Design

Switching circuit and logic design.pdf

Lesson Plan

binary number system.pdf
Number system problem with solutions.pdf
binery addition subtraction,multiplication.pdf
logic gates and boolean algebra.pdf
logic gates,logic family.pdf
Boolean alzebra,duality principle.pdf
theorem,postulates of boolean expression.pdf
sop,pos,kanough map.pdf
lectuter 9 karnough map.pdf
lecture10 3and 4 variables K-map.pdf
Von neuman Architechure.pdf
Lecture13 CLA.pdf
lecture14 subtractor circuit.1's and 2's complement.pdf
Lecture11 POS minimization using K-map. Don't care condition.pdf
lecture15 Decoder encoder.pdf
lecture16 Multiplexor Demultiplexor.pdf
ring counter,johnson counter.pdf
lecture18 sequential circuit.pdf
lecture19 clocked latch.pdf
Lecture 22 Ripple counter,up down countet.pdf
lecture 17 priority encoder.pdf
lecture20 master slave jk.pdf
lecture 21triggering mechanism of flip flop.pdf
Lecture23Mod N counter.pdf
lecture 12 Adder circuit.pdf
ring counter,johnson counter.pdf
floating point representation.pdf
Number system problem with solutions.pdf
karnaugh map,max term and min term.pdf

Text Book

Digital Design 4th Edition - Morris Mano.pdf

Text Book

Section B .xlsx
Section B .xlsx

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